Wednesday, June 5, 2013

*Whatever Happened to Natalee Holloway?*

Shortly after graduating high school in Alabama, Natalee Holloway went on a trip to Aruba with fellow classmates, never to return again. It's every parents nightmare; your child goes on an every day trip that should be a fun and peaceful time. He or she is under the supervision of past teachers, who allow the graduates to have some space. You trust your children to make the right choices. You know they will, after all, you've raised them right. Maybe you were "too strict" and this is their chance to discover themselves. You never imagine that on the final day of the trip that your child would be missing from the head count. Initially, no one panics. Maybe he or she overslept. Their friends rush to the room to wake them up, but no one is there. All of their belongings are perfectly in place. Their friends' hearts begin to flutter. They don't want to freak out, so they run around the entire hotel searching for them, but the missing is nowhere to be found. Two or three people may have been with the vanished the night before. Guilt starts to choke them. They should have never left the missing alone, especially when they're young and vulnerable. The missing never experienced time away from home. This was their chance to rebel, but at what cost? The victim may have paid the ultimate price, their life. It's unfortunate, but true. Young women are more likely to become targets of rape and kidnapping than men. Aruba and other foreign cities outside of the U.S. have been prime connections to human sex trafficking in the past. When a child goes missing, parents would do anything to keep them alive. No one wants to lose hope for their child and will continue to fight for justice until they're found. Unfortunately, Natalee Holloway was never discovered. All evidence points to one prime suspect, who was convicted of murdering another young girl after Natalee disappeared, Joran VanderSloot. VanderSloot is currently in prison and although he admitted to killing Natalee and disposing of her body on a leaked YouTube video, he was never tried for her murder. Unfortunately, Natalee's body was never found, but her mother, Beth Holloway. has made it her life's purpose to find her daughter. She has become an activist for missing people all over the world and continues her search for her beloved, Natalee. Unfortunately, Natalee may never be found, but she is remembered by all that new her as a sweet, loving, smart, and beautiful girl who had a bright future at her feet. Children must be taught to always stay in groups. Friends must never leave each other on their own, especially in a foreign country. They must never trust anyone, no matter how well they think they know them. Your friend may never get the chance to come home. That guilt, forever lies on your shoulders. Life is more valuable than taking a chance. It should never be cut too short and become a memory. The world is extremely dangerous. Stay together and if you feel a situation is becoming strenuous, contact law enforcement or the proper personnel immediately. Help save a life and stay together. Unfortunately, Natalee never had the opportunity to advance in her dreams, but someone else can. Her body was never found and there is always hope. The prime suspect has since fathered a child, killed an innocent young woman, and is expected to wed. Meanwhile, he was the last person to see Natalee and has moved forward in his miserable life. Karma is strong and I'm sure he is haunted with the truth ever day. It is only a matter of time before it all catches up with him. He will have no choice, but to speak. Unfortunately, he is serving the maximum sentence for murder in a Peruvian prison for 28 years. If he is lucky, he will make it out alive. His victim, Stephany Flores will not. Natalee Holloway may never be seen again. Her fate rests in VanderSloot's hands. I am a firm believer that there is a righteous God and one day, justice will be served for Natalee and her entire family. This is your chance to be safe and stick together. No one wants or deserves to evolve into a memory.

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