Saturday, June 22, 2013

*America's Justice System- A Corruption*

Ultimately, the verdict will determine your fate. It's insane to think that 12 jurors must decide what will lie ahead for the rest of your life. When the jury is chosen in any case, they must have no knowledge or formulated opinions about the case. The reality is that, there will always be an opinion and anyone can lie. It's easy to deceive people about what you know. All individuals are human and when you give up your daily routines to work on a case, you live, eat, and breathe all the details. The constant scenario is always replayed in your mind. It's impossible to think that jurors aren't thinking about the case. It's difficult to convict someone of a crime because their freedom revolves around your decision. Ultimately, the evidence and the judge have the final verdict. Many times, people are wrongfully found guilty or innocent. If they killed someone and weren't found guilty, they cannot be tried a second time based on new evidence. Either way, it's absolutely absurd and justice isn't served. Therefore, a criminal continues to live on as a free man until he commits another crime. Welcome to the American Justice System! Welcome to corruption! Welcome to reality.

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