Monday, June 24, 2013

*Prostitutes in the U.S. and Italy - The "Hidden" Truth*

Prostitution is a touchy subject legal and illegal across many cities in the world. Nevada is the only state in the U.S. where prostitution is legal. Unfortunately, many U.S. cities close one eye to solicitation. If you know the right person, you can find a prostitute in any state. The laws binding solicitation aren't severe in the U.S. In fact, most states in America classify prostitution as a misdemeanor. Prostitutes never spend more than a few days in jail, unless it's tied in with another offense, such as drugs, which could result in felony charges. In Italy, prostitution is legal. They're all over the place. In some cities, you can find them on the entrance of the highway during late night hours. In other towns like Rome, you can find them during the day on stretchy roads that lead to the main mall. Most prostitutes in Europe are foreigners. They come to the country struggling to find a job. They are illegal residents and have no choice, but to solicit themselves. Others, who are Italian, have had a bad upbringing or a history of drug use. They are unstable and need the extra cash. There are many different types of prostitutes. A lot of them are transsexuals who look exactly like women. The only way you can distinguish them is by their Adam's Apple. Believe it or not, many men turn to these prostitutes in desperation. They can't find a woman or their wives don't satisfy them. Many of these prostitutes don't care about the STD risk factor and don't protect themselves. They have lost all respect for their bodies and don't care if they live or die. 

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