Tuesday, June 11, 2013

*The Benefits of Making Your Own Juices*

Wether it's apples, salad, kale, spinach, or any other fruits or vegetable, humans don't intake as much as they should. Most of us have daily careers and don't have the time to ensure we eat every nutrient that our bodies need. I know that I am guilty of not eating any fruits at all. I eat plenty of vegetables, but fruits never seemed a priority in my life. The reason is pure laziness. Who wants to peel an orange, slice apples, kiwis, etc.? Guess what? Unfortunately, everyone needs a daily serving of fruits and vegetables because they're beneficial to your well being. If your lazy like me and have been getting sick often, it could be due to a lack of your daily fruit and vegetable intake. You may be eating fruits and vegetables here and there, but guess what it's never enough. I'm an extremely healthy eater and avoid carbohydrates in any way I can. Don't get me wrong, I eat the daily serving, but I prefer chicken, pita chips, and salads over pasta that makes me exhausted. I know, a shock because Italians are in love with pasta. I used to be too. I are it every time of the day. I was a full on carbohydrate girl. One day, I woke up and decided that enough was enough. I was exhausted all the time due to a sugar high from all the pasta my body processed. I decided it was time to take care of myself and my body. I have never been overweight in my life. As I got older, I developed a slight stomach pouch and a round face. Remember, I am 5 feet 8 inches tall. The most I've ever weighed was 155 pounds. Since I cut the carbs and started to eat healthy, I weigh 135 pounds. The lowest I got was 132, but guess what, I feel absolutely ah-ma-zing! I'm more energetic and am able to get more things done. I eat a full breakfast, which includes three pieces of dark chocolate and cereal with almond milk. For lunch, I eat a salad and for dinner I eat chicken with a salad or any other vegetable. I don't avoid cheese. It's my favorite thing in the world. I don't care if it's fatty. I eat it all the time and I'm perfectly slim. My glass of wine a night is t glass of wine. A glass of red wine keeps the doctor away. Preferably, Cabernet; Malbec or Pinot Noir. Unfortunately, I work in an atmosphere surrounded with germs. I try to wash my hands as often as I can, but sometimes that's not enough. If your coworker is ill, it's hard to avoid that. I've worked in a highly germ infested atmosphere for a total of 4 years. Recently, it all caught up with me. In November, I caught a nasty cold, which followed a voice loss. It was possibly, laryngitis. I didn't immediately consult a doctor and when I did he prescribed me a Z-Pack. After two weeks, my terrible cold came back to haunt me. My doctor continued with a higher dosage of antibiotics, which I never picked up and a future blood culture. I continued to fall ill for the next 6 months. My blood results were all normal. The only thing I had was a deficiency in Vitamin-D, which is normal for women who work all day. I don't have time for the sun. It was highly suggested that I take Vitamin D3, which I started immediately. In addition, I took a multivitamin. Unfortunately, everything caught up with me at once in May. I left work and decided to go to the emergency. I had a high fever of 102 and the doctors gave me another blood culture. Everything came back normal. I had the same symptoms from November; congestion, body aches, coughing, etc. I explained that I was getting sick every two or three weeks and that something was wrong. The doctors yet again prescribed me a higher dosage of antibiotics. They destroyed my stomach. After a few days, I had to stop taking them. I immediately began on a probiotic. I felt awesome for the next month, but in the beginning of June I fell ill again. I was mortified and I didn't want to consult a doctor again. My body is physically tired of all the bad meds and I know that's all they would give me. I started taking emergen-c every day in addition to my daily vitamin, vitamin d3, and probiotic. I drank lemon chamomile tea and continued to eat as I eat, healthy.  I concluded that the results of my "sinusitis" is allergies. I was horrified that my home was mold infected, but thankfully the culture came back negative. I cannot afford to seek an allergist, but I believe that severe allergies are the result of my congestion. In addition to a probiotic, I recently began a Vitamin C pill and Echinacea, an immune booster that a massage therapist suggested would be best for me. When I went for a daily wax appointment, my esthetician suggested that I start "juicing." Don't confuse this with steroids, people. I mean making my own juices. She told me that she was falling ill and developed shingles because her immune system was so low. She explained the benefits and said that she juices every morning. Ever since, she hasn't fallen ill in a year. She was just as horrified as I was, but not anymore. Last night, I finally have in. I went fruit and vegetable shopping. I bought kale, lemons, spinach, apples, cucumbers, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and etc. I made my first juice in a processor. It included lemon, kale, apples, spinach, and cucumbers. I would have it this morning before breakfast. It was absolutely delicious and refreshing! It's an immune booster and antioxidant. It fights off diseases and bacteria. I consulted an incredible website with millions of "juicing recipes." I would highly recommend every individual healthy or unhealthy to start juicing. You only need one a day. It will ensure that you are getting a daily dosage of fruits and vegetables that our bodies need. Remember, we only have one body. Treat it right!!!! It's extremely important to stay healthy. Consult juicerecipes.com for more healthy mixes. Have a blessed and healthy day! I know I will!

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