Saturday, June 1, 2013

*My Views on "Perfect Bodies" and Females*

Hello, Ladies! Many of us have grown up with the idea that a "perfect body" is like the one on the cover of Maxim or Vogue magazine. Is that really what we want? Do you know how many women struggle to transform their bodies into that "perfect shape?" It's highly unlikely that the cover story is the ideal image. Our society should be ashamed of their "sexy looks." In this generation, skinny is the only shape. People grow up with the idea the skin and bones is the acceptable image. They turn to eating disorders or severe dieting to become thin. Whatever happened to healthy? Believe it or not, if you eat healthy and follow a balanced workout routine, you'll look good. Some of us weren't meant to be thin. There are many different body physiques out there. Be comfortable in your own skin. It's the only one you get, so treat it right! We don't get a million chances to change ourselves. Sometimes there is only one. Think things through thoroughly before you decide to alter your appearance. Sometimes we all need change, but only if it's good. Be happy and appreciate what you have. Be unique and not another statistic.

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