Tuesday, June 4, 2013

*Vivid Dreams- What Do They Mean To You?*

I'm sure we have all woken up from a shaky dream. Sometimes, it's extremely realistic and feels as if it actually happen. Perhaps it disturbed your heart, made you laugh, cry, and etc. Maybe, you actually wished it was part of your life and didn't want to wake up. You could take the dream as a sign from God. It could be a forewarning or a closure of some relationship. We all have diverse dreams. Sometimes they involve people who have departed our world or people who are still alive. Every dream is a part of our brain. Some have said that dreams are a part of our innermost thoughts. Other refer to them as delusions. I believe every dream has a meaning or they wouldn't exist. I always find myself looking up certain colors or situations that I've dreamt about in a "dream dictionary." Perhaps it's silly, but not to me. If I see a realistic situation occur in my dream, I take it as a blessing. Some people I've dreamt about have passed away and I smile when I open my eyes. I may have not bid them adieu in the waking life, but I did in my dreams. Other dreams are useless and strange. They flutter our hearts and we can't wait to open our eyes. What do they all really mean? Why are they a part of our lives? What significance do they bring us? My overall question is why? 

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