Sunday, June 23, 2013

*A Femme Fatale in America- Jodi Arias*

I often wonder what drives people to do the unthinkable. How can people lose control of reality and snap? What causes them to "forget" their actions? It begins with lust and falls into obsession. It's undeniably painful when someone fails to reciprocate the same feelings that you have for them. What draws the line between a psychopath and a "normal" individual? The common human backs off and learns to accept the truth, but hopes for a change. The psychopath never backs off and continues to push the other individual. They believe that their partner is in denial and that they can help them have a realization. When the psychopath begins to realize that there is no "hope," they take matters into their own hands. I believe that Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander because she finally accepted that he didn't want her in the long term. She was extremely obsessed with him and their relationship, so she took his life to prevent anyone else from experiencing him. Arias felt no remorse for anyone, but herself. She took advantage of Alexander at his weakest point, when he was relaxing in the shower. He was taken by surprise and had no chance to defend himself. Arias must've made direct eye contact with a pleading Alexander, but didn't stop. She was his "Femme Fatale." The power of sex controls the route of all evils. You can never trust someone too much. In the case of Arias, the question that remains is, why? Why did Arias take Alexander's life? What did he do or say to trigger the killer inside of her? Will the public ever know? There's no use in protecting the truth anymore. She might as well reveal all of her "dirty little secrets." 

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