Monday, June 10, 2013

*Need Your Hair Done, South Florida?*

Well, I've had my hair done by many diverse people, but I trust very few. A hair salon in, "The Coral Ridge Mall" in Fort Lauderdale was actually the first to give me highlights. I was 13 years old. My mom was extremely nervous because she is a hairdresser and I wanted someone different to touch it. Needless to say, the woman that touched my hair did a decent job. She gave me exactly what I wanted; a few streaks to brighten up my face. Other people that brightened my face include, Valerie, my moms best friend and salon owner, where she worked for a few years and my own mother. Unfortunately, when I started dying my hair, I developed a serious allergy. My mother and father are both allergic to dye. My mother developed the allergy after 20 years of specializing in color. I am 1 in 20% of people allergic to both henna and PPD chemicals in organic and regular hair dye. I have suffered through the sores and blisters on my scalp to become whatever color I desired. The only place where I wouldn't break out was in Falconara Marittima, Italy. I informed my colorist, Eleonora that I was allergic to hair dye and she immediately concocted a solution. I was able to become a brunette, redhead, and etc. Occasionally, I broke out on my ears, but that was nowhere near the pain I suffered the last time I dyed my hair. My mother put dark brown on my head last July. I didn't read the ingredients and assumed that because it had a soy complex, I wouldn't have a reaction. Unfortunately, it was the worst I have ever had. I knew something was terribly wrong immediately after the dye came off my head. I went right to bed. My face and head felt extremely heavy. I awoke an hour later with sores all over my scalp and a terrible headache. I immediately went to the hospital and was given a strong dosage of steroids to kill the allergy. Unfortunately, the blisters didn't subside on their own. I waited them out for a few weeks. Ever since that happened to me, I decided that dying my hair wasn't the most important or necessary thing in my life; until I discovered my first gray hair. I could have gone the alternative route and only highlight it, but I decided I didn't want to be a brunette. After a year, I needed a change in my life. I wanted color! I went to Whole Foods on a rampage to discover a color that would work. I didn't read the ingredients on the product I picked, "Nature Tint." It turned out to be a henna product. After a patch test, I discovered I could not use the product. My arm broke out in a rash in the middle where I put a small amount of dye on it. The next product, which I mentioned on my blog, "Palette" by Nature, which I had to special order online, is something completely organic, which I'm not allergic to. It felt like hitting the lottery when I first tried it. Unfortunately, it's only a brown color and I wanted change. My friend, Renee is an extremely talented colorist, who wouldn't give up on my dream. She concluded that we would strip my hair with highlights and apply the red I wanted in foils. Fortunately, it worked and I haven't had any reaction to it! She is absolutely amazing. If you're interested in finding an awesome colorist, please go to her. Not only does she do good color, she gives awesome cuts. You won't be disappointed. Most importantly of all, she loves what she does! 
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