Wednesday, June 26, 2013

*Michael Jackson's Children- Why their Grandparents Should Have Continued to Shelter Them*

We all remember the scandal behind Michael Jackson and his children from the moment they were born. The first two had blonde hair and light skin. Could these two children actually be his? Behind all the scandals and corruption, Jackson was an extremely intelligent man. He wanted his children spared from the media. They wore bandana like cloths that covered their noses and mouths. There were only few instances that unmasked their faces. People began to doubt his biological relations. How could he father children with blue eyes, light skin, and blonde hair? The public wanted to talk, so they voiced their opinions in whatever way they sought fit. They failed to acknowledge that anything is possible. It wasn't until Jackson's death that his children's identities were fully exposed. They were unveiled and freely sharing their features. Who is to blame for these revelations? Is it the children? The Jackson family? Was it the grandparents? Or, was it the public? In fact, the grandparents have full custody for all three of Jackson's children. They are to blame for the exposure. It has psychologically disturbed them all in different ways. One child was harmed more than the others. Paris, 16, Jackson's second child,  has overused the social media to unveil her severe depression. These children were brought into a sheltered environment, were masked by their father to protect their innocence, and should have continued to remain behind the veil. The damage that the court case, media, family members, and the public has caused is irreversible. Paris already attempted suicide. What's next? The sad reality is that it all revolves around money; the route of all evils. 

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