Wednesday, June 19, 2013

*Social Networking- "An Addiction"*

It's no secret that many Americans have an addiction to social networking sites. In recent years, a variety of studies were performed on social networking and its effects on the human brain. More teens are likely to become addicted to social networking than older adults. The reason is that the apps are readily available on their cell phones and they're more computer savvy than older individuals. Schools have completely thrown out textbooks and are now forcing students to read off I-Pads and tablets. In my opinion, it creates a diverse way of learning and violates basic history. The foundation of America is stamped on a piece of paper with in. It's devastating that computers are completely taking over. Sure, it's more convenient, but it takes away from the values of education. The brain is becoming distracted by "Internet lingo," which is becoming part of the dictionary. That is a disgrace to the English language. Slang is now at the top of the list. The fundamentals of the American language is slowly revolving around Internet language. For example, Lol (laughing out loud), SOS (same old stuff), etc. It's a parents responsibility to ensure that children crack a book and study. They should learn the value that America's forefathers set before them. They should be allowed limited access to social networking sites and concentrate on their studies. I will not take the books away from my future children. I value knowledge written in ink! If you don't agree, that's okay, but think about the addiction. Children will learn to ignore their parents. The computer will become the most important thing in their lives. I am no saint. I am addicted to social networking, but I still value the books. It can go both ways or one way. Learn to cherish history!

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