Saturday, June 15, 2013

*My Tanning Salon Nightmare*

Need a tanning alternative? Ever turned and cheated by soaking up the rays of a tanning salon? Who hasn't? Well, my tanning experience has recently turned into a nightmare. I know, I know. I live in South Florida. Why not go to the beach for free? Well, I wanted to, but unfortunately, I only enjoy two days off from work. Therefore, I don't have the same luxury of soaking up rays as most people do. Sounds like an excuse? Oh well, who wants to go to the beach alone? I figured I would go once a week for one month until I go to Italy. Since I live in South Florida, I didn't want to look like a ghost. Unfortunately, I suffer from severe anxiety. I don't know if any of you have ever watched the, "Scream" movies, but I have. If you're familiar with them, then you remember the one with the girl getting trapped in a tanning bed. This mortified me. Realistically, I know it's rare to happen, but the idea is traumatizing. I can't breathe thinking about it. It's like getting trapped in a coffin alive. I thought I would overcome my fears by laying down and tanning. It was fine the first time. The second time, I wasn't so lucky. One thing had to throw me off and that's exactly what happened. As I started the bed, the top cover of the bed popped open. That's not supposed to happen. I approached the manager and told him my concerns. He brushed me off and thought I was insane. He offered absolutely no consolation. Well, there's $20.00 to waste! Now, I'm forced to soak up the sun on my days off. Only if I'm lucky.

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