Tuesday, June 18, 2013

*Looking for Adorable Places to Food Shop?

It's no secret that the economy is in minor shambles. Sure, it's getting better, but how much? It's still tough to save money and to find a job, but let me not go there. If you're looking for affordable shopping, don't seek the "normal neighborhood store," Publix, unless you're planning on buying their own brands. Otherwise, you can leave there spending $50.00 on 10 items. That's absolutely absurd. If you're looking to shop for the next few weeks, the best place to go is Walmart. Walmart always the best brands at affordable prices. If you spend $200.00, it's always worth it. You can freeze your meat and it will last a month. Other places that are worth the investment for gas prices or shopping in bulk are Costco and BJ's. The food you buy there can last for four months or more, which is absolutely ideal when you have a big family or time to shop, once a month. The gas is always a few dollars less than regular stations and last well over a week when you have an SUV to worry about. Hope these tips help you out. Best of all, this is a "cheap" way to start saving money! Be smart! You never know when you'll need the extra cash.

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