Monday, October 28, 2013

*Where Can I Shop For A Party?*

Hello everyone! Are you stressed out because you have a party to plan with no preparation? I have an awesome solution for you! Complain no more... Costco is your life savor! Don't have a membership? Get one. It's cheap. They range from $50.00 and up. If you don't have time to cook, buy some frozen hors d'oeurves! They come in bulk packages and are easy and fast to cook. You might think you're spending a fortune, but if you host a huge party, the food portions will definitely fill them up. You can never go wrong with leftovers. In the long run, you have food you can save for weeks. So, don't go to Publix or any other food store, you will spend a fortune for a small portion and most definitely may have to return. Take shopping at your convenience! Good luck!

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