Tuesday, October 8, 2013

*Teaching English as a Foreign Language- My first mini class*

The experience was extremely beneficial for my knowledge and further preparation. I learned that my students are absolute beginners. I thought they knew the basic greetings, but I was wrong. They were familiar with many words and I was able to teach them the proper use of good and well. We also went through the verbs to have and to be. I gave plenty of examples and explained the positive, negative, and question form of the verbs. My mind was a little scattered since it was my first class and I could've provided more exercises. Next time, we will review and move forward. The women are extremely intelligent, but had trouble speaking in only language. I have to teach them to break their habits. The little girl I teach was excellent! She was able to distinguish different sounds, put them together, and spell them out by sole pronunciation. It is awesome and I'm loving it!

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