Wednesday, October 16, 2013

*Is it Ethical?*

Recently, I was told that I had been hired at a company and to prepare myself as soon as possible to come join the team. After a month, I was told that it would be impossible for me to work for them because of government policies and paperwork. Apparently, only a certain amount of Americans can work in the country a year. I would like to bash the company and their ethics, but as an adult, I feel that it wouldn't solve the problem. It's highly unprofessional for a company to send you an email congratulating you and then go back on their word. I've went through the process required and received the grade of an, "A." I wonder what made them tell that I got the job in the first place. Not only did these individuals deny me, they crushed my dreams with one sentence. I know that they will come across this post. My message to them is, "How dare you tell me that my dreams and wishes are impossible to obtain? How dare you offer me a position and tell me that you're glad to welcome me to your team and then go back on your word? How dare you call your company ethical and professional? How do you feel, knowing that you've hurt me? Probably nothing at all. At the end of your day, you still have your jobs and I still have hope. You're lucky I'm an individual of integrity and respect because if not, I would publicly humiliate you!

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