Friday, October 4, 2013

*Should I throw it All Away?*

I sat here today pouring my heart out to my best friend. I told her that I seriously considered throwing my book away. I thought nothing in it mattered anymore. If I gave up on the writing, then maybe I should've given up on it. She convinced me not to do it. Today, I've decided to pick up on page 251 and write my heart out. I will complete this novel and I will have it published by next year. I thought about stopping it because it would offend many of my friends. Since the events no longer are vital or active, then it can't hurt anyone. I'm a writer and taking away my pencil and paper was a big mistake... I put everything on hold to think. I pondered about the events of my story and how greatly they've impacted my life. I recall poignant words that I can never forget. Since these pages fill seven long novels of my life, then why must I throw them all away? Why must I push them back. It's beautiful to share my words with the world. Maybe they will reawaken your souls! Mine, has long been dormant. Not because of impossibilities, but because of pain that lingers in me. It doesn't relate to my story, but it corresponds with my world.

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