Wednesday, October 23, 2013

*Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas*

Oh, the joys of deciding to get your costume last minute. Or maybe, you couldn't afford the pricey deals and wanted to look good on the spooktacular day of the year. It could also be that you were invited to a last minute party and didn't have time to decide on an idea. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have some great ideas for you! Many of you may think you don't have the ability or the resources to throw a costume together in time, but I'm here to prove you wrong. First, I will start with the ladies. Hello, ladies! I know a lot of you have clothes you don't wear anymore. You hold onto them for sentiment, may have bought them and never wore them, they're out of style, or they were gifts that you wouldn't wear in public, so you save them to not look bad. I have an easy solution. Take those pair of ripped shorts or jeans, ugly blouses, skirts, etc. and put them to the side. You can throw on a corset, a pair of stockings, and some boy shorts. You can call yourself a fashion model, Vegas show girl, etc. If you're not into the sexy look, put on that ugly blouse from aunt Margaret, a pair of ugly pants, and call yourself an old lady. Of course, you'll have to accessorize from then on, but it's easy! If you have some torn shorts, a tank top, and a sexy cowboy hat and boots, you can be a cowgirl. If you want to be a zombie, you can throw anything on. To make up for the fake blood you may not have, use lipstick and powder. If you don't have powder, check your closet for baby powder. It works too! There are plenty of more things you can throw together with a pair of circular earrings (hoops), the right outfit, and hair style to call yourself an 80's girl. I've done it all. I've had a blast. Most important of all, it saves you a lot of cash. Now, let's talk about the gentlemen. I'm sure you have that shirt, sweater, collared shirt, etc. from Aunt Gertrude that you never wear. Throw it on, wear some black pants, tuck it in, put on a belt, slick your hair back, and call yourself a businessman or disaster if you'd like. If you're not into that, find some baby powder, stuck your shirt, and call yourself an old man. Or, you can also be a zombie! Ask mom, your girlfriend, roommate, etc. for red lipstick she doesn't use to splatter blood on your face. Or, if your lucky and nice enough, they may even volunteer to do your makeup! How easy is all of this? I'm sure you can add on to my short list, but I thought I'd be nice enough and offer some ideas. Have a great time at that party and be safe!!! 

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