Tuesday, October 15, 2013

* The Warmth of Europe* I Miss You!

Have you grown up with a custom kiss on both cheeks? Have you had the opportunity to hug and kiss friends, whether you're a girl or guy on both cheeks? Has gender ever played an issues? If you've grown up in America and live a sheltered life, you may have been raised to allow gender to affect you. It's not socially accepted for men to kiss men on the cheeks. It's unfortunate that this plays a key role in a child's development. If you're from Europe and have had to teach children diverse principles, I'm sure it has broken your heart. When a man greets another man with a kiss on the cheek, I respect him. He's comfortable with his masculinity and self-esteem. Europeans have the best loving greetings. They become unforgettable. We cherish every moment. When you teach your children principles of life, keep this in mind. Don't be ashamed of your heritage and culture! We only live once and should treasure every moment!

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