Wednesday, October 2, 2013

*How to Naturally Reduce the Pain of a toothache*

Have you recently broke your tooth or developed a nasty cavity? Is your gum swelling up and you want to wrip out your tooth? On my birthday, I was chewing a piece of gum on an airplane and all of a sudden, I felt something crunch. It was my tooth. If you know me, I value my teeth, but I also love sweets. Almost every tooth in my mouth is filled. If you're running through the house and can't find ambesol or orajel, grab a glass of warm water with salt or some peroxide and start rinsing. If that doesn't work, look around for some tea. What can you do with tea? I'm not talking about drinking a cup of tea, silly. Take a mug of water (microwavable) stick a tea bag in there and microwave on high for one minute. Remove the tea from the microwave. Take out the tea bag, squeeze out excess water, and place it directly on the infected area. Leave the tea bag on your tooth for a few minutes. The pain is sure to subside, but you're not in the clear yet! Grab a bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack and wrap it in a piece of cloth. Place it on your cheek, on and off for an hour. The throbbing should subside for a few hours or it may completely disappear. If it comes back, repeat the process. My mouth feels so much lighter and I can barely sense the ache! 

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