Saturday, May 18, 2013

**Writing, the Meaning Behind Words**

Did you ever notice that a piece of paper with words on it can cause individuals to display all different types of emotions? Wether the document is filled with positivity or negativity, it stirs an internal reaction. Our words are more powerful than a punch or a fight. We don't realize it, but they are. I know my words have caused grown men to cry. Every single thing we say or do should begin from our hearts. We must consider the way people may or may not feel before we initiate a process. We fall in love with words and we fall in hate with words. It can go either way. There is a reason beyond it all. We can even take compliments over the edge. Was there one thing you didn't want to be remembered as if you die tomorrow? I am sure there is. Maybe it's your profession and how you believe the world views you. I hope I'm not simply remembered for something I worked at in life. That would insult my intelligence. People may not believe how truly knowledgable I am, but guess what, I don't have to prove myself to anyone. The only skin we should feel comfortable in is our own. So make sure that you believe in yourself if you hear an insult. You know it's not true and you know you have potential. Choose to succeed and say positive!

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