Wednesday, May 1, 2013

*Foreigners in Our Country- When is it Time to Close the Doors?*

Many of our ancestors and forefathers have settled in America with one goal in mind. That goal was for a chance to experience a "free" world. They left their homelands in the 1800's or 1900's and looked ahead. Some never looked back. They exchanged letters and sent money to their families, but never saw them again. It's heartbreaking to know that something like that took place for a better life. For centuries, America has always been the land of opportunity. In recent years, many people have taken advantage of America in disgusting ways. They have brought bombs to this country, committed violent crimes, and destroyed our land. I am a firm believer that people should be fully interrogated before they're allowed to cross over in America. We are not a third world country, but are slowly turning into one. Our freedom has been taken advantage of and we are outraged that foreigners are able to destroy a land that our forefathers fought for. How dare they disrespect our country? How dare they slap America in the face? Get out and stay out!

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