Sunday, May 26, 2013

*Internet Violence. How many Children or Tweens are Susceptible to it?*

If your parents worked late nights or didn't pay much attention to your whereabouts, it's likely you rebelled. We all strike against our parents in diverse ways. Whether it involved late night chats on the computer or watching a rates R movie when you know it's not the right thing to do. If you're smart, you'll turn to Internet chatting, but you won't reveal your true identity. If you are vulnerable and naive, you will. If you were never taught to distance yourself from strangers, then you will fall in the trap. This gives a perpetrator a chance to stalk you, come to your house, or meet you. You may not think it's a danger, but it's a possibility that the perp is not who you believe it is. He may be an old man who is into assaulting young girls. If you weren't taught the values or your body and your mind and you are a young girl, please protect your self. You don't want to be a victim of a murder or rape. Don't chat in chat rooms at all. They are not 100% safe. Don't reveal your identity to anyone. Don't ever tell anyone you are home alone. Don't send your pictures to anyone. Don't allow your self to become a victim. Be safe and talk to your parents. They love you and you are more important than you may think you are!

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