Monday, May 13, 2013

*Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair*

If you're highly allergic to hair dye, like myself, you know the icky uncomfortable feeling that it leaves behind. Not only does it blister your scalp, but it severely damages your hair. Also, it can't be healthy. The only thing that my scalp is resistant to is highlights, but I want a darker look. Red is one of the most highly allergic colors that exists. It contains the most PPD content. After some research, I found several articles that state, cranberry juice or beet juice can naturally dye your hair. You must leave the product on for an hour and then rinse it out. Before you try it, make sure your hair is a little damp. If that doesn't work for you, try beet juice. You can use the one in the store or simply crush your own. If you choose cranberry juice, make sure it's not the cocktail version. One famous actress known to brighten her strawberry blonde hair with cranberry juice is actress, Nicole Kidman. If you're looking to make your hair darker, use coffee or cocoa powder. For lighter hair, lemon juice is a must! It works. Simply put one of these natural products in your hair and use a blow drier on a low setting if you don't have time to sit for an hour. Repeat the process weekly as needed. P.S., it brightens your hair and doesn't fry it!

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