Sunday, May 12, 2013

^*Sad News to Hear on Mother's Day*^

Well, after vacationing in a beautiful tranquil city every summer since I was twelve, I am shocked to find out some horrible news. We own an apartment on the Adriatic Sea in Falconara Marittima. It's often called the hidden jewel of Italy. The food is so rich and hormone free, the water is naturally filtered, and the people are the warmest and most welcoming. In recent years, the hidden jewel has been swarmed with foreigners. These foreigners have brought drugs to the city, disrespected it with violence, and graffiti it. They are a disgrace to their own countries. How dare they enter a foreign land and disrespect the place that feeds them? I am truly disgusted by these people. There comes a point in time where a city should decide to shut its doors. I've had enough of these disgraceful people. Throw them out and send them back. They don't appreciate anything! They are disgusting animals!!!!!!

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