Tuesday, June 23, 2015

*Traveling Abroad From the US?- You may be denied travel to Europe if your passport expires in less than 6 months*

All ready to board your flight, but denied at passport inspection? Well, don't be surprised if you are. If your US passport expires in less than 6 months, you may be denied access to Europe. It's a new law that requires US citizens to renew their passports 6 months prior to expiration. The recommendation states at least 3 months, but is better if their is a 6 month gap. Imagine how devastating it can be to be turned away from your flight at the airport? Well, this recently happened to a friend of mine and he had no idea about the new law. Why? Because it wasn't stated on the website where he purchased his ticket. Obviously, he was reimbursed and was able to enjoy travel elsewhere, but that wasn't the original plan. All travel booking websites should have this new law stated in bold letters on their websites. If my original destination is Europe, I expect to travel to Europe. I will not be turned away or booted. It's ridiculous that American citizens are turned away from travel if our passport expires. I understand Europe's concern, but why would we stay in their countries and attempt to become citizens? If you are traveling to Europe this summer, make sure your passport doesn't expire in less than 6 months. Happy travels! You can read about the new Schengen law at travel.state.gov for further information.

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