Monday, June 15, 2015

** "Just Fly" at Cheaper Prices

"Ahh! Tickets are so expensive. Where am I to find an affordable trip? Maybe I will just wait until next year." 
Looking for an accomodations at cheap prices? I have found one of the best solutions. No more orbitz, cheap tickets, travelocity, cheap flights, or going through the airline directly. I was once an avid user of orbitz, but the flight costs are ridiculous. So, I did some research and found Not only are travel prices worth purchasing, the site will not register your IP address while you search for tickets. That, to me, is the definition of reliable. I came across justfly while searching for a ticket to Europe. I saw an 855.00 ticket for departure and an 865.00 ticket for returns. I thought to myself, "this is impossible." Not only was it possible, but it was for a direct trip to Rome from Miami with a connecting flight to Ancona (my destination) at a total of 12 hours duration. The secret is, to keep inspecting the sight. They will say only two seats left, but it's not always true. The flight will come back across your screen. The best time to purchase a trip is on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. I noticed that every other night was well into the thousands. So, hop on just fly and book your ticket at an affordable rate. I promise, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to make the trip. Go now, don't wait or you will regret it.

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