Wednesday, June 10, 2015

**Grocery Shopping on a Budget**

*Grocery Shopping on a Budget*

I know this may sound silly to some, but it could honestly save you from over shopping and buying unnecessary items. How many of you have walked into the grocery store and bought something you didn't need? How many of you have gotten home and asked yourselves why did I buy that? Almost all of us have purchased something that caught our attention because we WANTED it and did not NEED it. Maybe it was the pretty packaging or the fact that it made our stomach rumble. Here are a few steps that will help avoid this situation, which may lead to over spending.
** First off, make a list of what you really need. I know, I know this can be hard, but go through your cabinets and fridge. This can help you, so that you don't forget anything and won't have to go back to the grocery store.
** Second off, make sure to set a budget. I know this sounds silly, but put yourself at $100.00 for groceries and nothing more. I know what you're thinking. I have kids. How am I going to manage that? There's no way I can keep track with them. Trust me. It's possible. Instead of adding the top brands to your cart, try great value products instead. 
** Third off, make sure to go to the grocery store only once a week. So many of us are lazy and have no patience. It saves a lot of time to go on your day off and purchase everything you need for the week. Not only will you be saving money, but the hassle of standing in line every day. Think of meals for the week before you go.
** Fourth off, look for deals prior to shopping. Those of you who are smart phone aware, there are many coupon apps, which can be downloaded and savings catchers where you upload your receipts and receive cash back for items that roll back. I have almost $10.00 accumulated, which I can use towards any purchase at Walmart because of their savings catcher app. 
Be smart! Don't be stupid. Everything will work out if you set a budget and take a few minutes to focus. I would have put something less than $100 budget, but now a days, it's almost impossible to avoid going below. If you can, more power to you! Keep going and save! 

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