Thursday, June 18, 2015

* Coyote Epidemic- South Florida *

"Coy-what? No way? Not in my neighborhood!"
People it's time to wake up! Coyotes are in our neighborhoods. They have left the Everglades and made it to Boca Raton. They're going after small pets and have even killed a small York Shire Terrier. People who live in surrounding areas, such as Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and etc. should be concerned. Just because it's not in your exact location, does not mean it could not reach you. Children and small pets are in danger. It's becoming a small epidemic. I've never heard of coyotes in south Florida. The Everglades aren't enough for them anymore. They're leaving because of fires  and lack of food. They are coming to our towns hungry. This is extremely frightening. They don't only come out at night, they attack during the early morning hours. My husband caught sight of a coyote on the turnpike off the Sample Road exit. They're closer thank you can imagine and small pets and children shouldn't be left unattended. If you can avoid walking pets for the time being, use a dog pad or your back yard if you have one. Take them to a dog park if you have time. Ensure that small children aren't left unattended and are playing in fenced areas. Coyotes are wild animals and they aren't afraid to attack. If you see one, it's important not to panic. Stay perfectly calm and do not run. If it approaches you, act as if you're bigger than the animal. Start throwing rocks or pennies. Use an authoritative voice. If you can manage, call Florida Fish and Wild Life Conservation Commission (FWCC) at (888-404-3922)immediately for further assistance. Obviously, do not approach the animal head on. Signal for as much help as possible. Also, contact the local law enforcement agency.

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