Wednesday, November 13, 2013

*Would You Ever Give Up Your Homeland?*

We all have hopes, dreams, and a variety of diverse aspirations. Every individual country is unique and has it's perfections and flaws. As a daughter and granddaughter to Italian immigrants, I am thrilled beyond belief to have been born in a country that they fought so hard to call their own. The United States of America, my homeland, is the best country in the world. Yes, it may be sliding down, but our laws are the strongest that exist on the planet. Every American born citizen is a seed of a land of opportunity. Today, I read that Tina Turner renounced her American Citizenship. That is one of the toughest decisions in the world. How could an individual abandon their rights to the land they were born in? My father and grandparents were forced to choose America when they settled here. In 2013, we have more choices of freedom. I'm sure Turner has her reasons, but it's left me speechless. What would you do? I could never abandon my homeland. I hope many of you feel the same.

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