Tuesday, November 19, 2013

*What to do when you're struggling with your dreams*

As I keep contemplating what to do with my life, the struggles become intense and real. I went to school, I graduated college, I got TEFL certified, and I've officially applied for my educator's certificate. There are so many things I wish to do with my life and the restraints become tighter. I know that I've attempted to do all I can to have my dreams come true. Unfortunately, the barriers become clearer. I apply for jobs that correlate with my career plans every day. I have more than one professional résumé and the tasks are easy, but difficult. Unfortunately, my dreams become clouded with unrealistic job descriptions or I never hear a reply. I've been told to never give up and I won't, but how much can a person take before they break down? Some people don't realize how difficult it truly is. I continue to pursue my goals, but my motivation slowly decreases. I begin to think if this life or lifestyle is my future and it terrifies me. I am far from negative and I want everything I deserve, but it's hard. I continue to follow the path and believe and find the strength to occupy my mind. Currently, I've given up on writing my book, my passion, my inspiration, everything that I want because of recent unfortunate events. I understand that I shouldn't sulk in pity or have pity for myself, but the journey is real. It's the most difficult point of my life. The only person that could help me through this point is myself. At times, I yearn for success, but when I continue to reach disappointment, it takes me to a terrible, empty, place. Everyone wants to grow up and initiate a career. My advice to them is to stay young and enjoy every second. Evaluate your goals and aspirations. Make sure that they're realistic and possible. I know that nothing is impossible, but realism is the best perspective. Never ever give up no matter what happens. It's okay to take a break, but never allow it to take over your goals. Where do you go from here? Where do I go? I never give up and keep trying because that is all I can do. My life will succeed and my purpose on this earth will be meaningful.

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