Tuesday, November 5, 2013

*How the Media Influences Our Lives*

Whether it's CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, etc., the news media plays a vital role in our lives. In fact, any type of media influences what Americans think about. People come across media articles or live videos that they browse through or ignore. In the United States, the media is agenda setting. Unfortunately, we are only able to see what our government chooses to reveal. Over the years, the media has become more and more influential in our lives. Unfortunately, it has also become more depressing. As a Communications Mass Media major in college, I've learned all of the trick and rules that the media is supposed to follow. As we all know, rules aren't always enforced and people find a way to violate them. The way the news is portrayed to Americans differs from channel to channel. Sometimes things that are vital are ignored by agenda setters and Americans never know unless they dig through the rubbish. The media tends to over play topics when others are more important. For example, a school shooting occurs and it becomes the topic of discussion for the next month. Other shootings are displayed that happen on a daily basis, while a kidnapping may be ignored. Americans are also restricted on items they are "allowed" to view, while other countries reveal them. In my opinion, the media is as corrupt as our government and politicians. Unfortunately, it's also our only source of information. So, we ignore the "sappy" stuff or store it in the back of our brain and listen for articles that benefit us. The circle continues!

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