Wednesday, September 25, 2013

*The Process of Obtaining Italian Citizenship*

know many of you have asked me how to get your Italian citizenship. Surprisingly, I don't have it myself. Unfortunately, my father became a citizen of the United States of America in the late 60's and was forced to renounce his Italian citizenship. This was the common casualty of becoming a U.S. citizen. Thankfully, the laws have changed and my father was able to get back what was rightfully his. I couldn't even imagine giving up my citizenship and choosing between the two. It's an extremely difficult decision that many people faced in their American settlements. My maternal grandparents had to make the same painstaking choice. The truth is, no one knew any better. They thought that becoming an American was the best thing that ever happened to them. Here we are, years later, times have changed. It's a privilege to have both citizenships. It's an honor to have any two citizenships in the world. As an Italian American, born to an immigrant father and an American mother, I want what is rightfully mine. I believe that I should have the right to gain my Italian citizenship. The only reason I can't gain it is because my father renounced his over 30 years before I was born. If this has happened to any of your ancestors and you're looking to gain citizenship, it's a three year process. According to the Italian consulate, you must live in Italy three years before requesting citizenship. The only way you're protected is if you are a minor. Attention all parents, I highly suggest that you get dual citizenship for your children. In today's economy and society, it's beneficial when applying for a new job, school, travel, and etc. I absolutely adore Italy and I feel connected to "quella terra" (that ground). I will do anything I can to gain citizenship and opportunities that people across the world thrive for. Your first step is to visit your local consulate website, see if you qualify to apply for citizenship, make an appointment, and bring all potential documents (original and translated) with an apostille. 
Best of luck my friends!!!!! I am moving mountains... I wish you the same... Never let go of something you live for! 

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