Monday, September 16, 2013

*College Degree With No JOBS!**

Attention all college students and college graduates, this post is for you. While in school, battling with your classes and potential full time job, make sure that you find time to add more than one internship to your life. If you don't do so, you may not get a job after you graduate. Shocking??!!?! Yes! The sad part is, even an entry level position won't consider you! It never seems to amaze me that people look for "experience." If you're fortunate enough to live life freely and don't have to worry about other expenses, I admire you. Others aren't so lucky! It's unfortunate that the $24,000.00 a year towards a private school tuition couldn't offer me a guaranteed position with my degree. I'm sorry I wasn't insane and didn't dedicate my life to having anxiety. I did exactly what I thought was best. I am extremely intelligent and can handle extra baggage, but the stress it brings to my life is impossible. I had the opportunity to pursue an internship my junior year of college. It was a lot of fun, but involved double the work I already had. Unfortunately. I had to decipher between my job or the internship. Since I needed the money, I had to choose my work over my career. It broke my heart. I dedicated my life to achieve high grades and include some time for outside hobbies. Little did I know that it would cost me an entry level position. I am an exceptional writer, an awesome editor, a high achiever, but it's not enough. I have a lot of recommendations, but it's only about who you know. Even when you know someone, they are skeptical about job offers. I never wanted help with anything. I wanted to prove that I could do it on my own. I've applied for over 400 positions in South Florida relating to my major. Only one person scheduled an interview with me. Unfortunately, I was overqualified for the position. They never even had the audacity to give me a rejection letter. So, all I can do is keep trying, but I've decided to take a break. I hope to God that I can get a job as a TEFL teacher in Europe. I worked my rear end off to succeed. I put a halt on my writing, which is my biggest passion. All I can do, is hope. I hope that God opens a door for me. I hope God opens a door for everyone else that spent countless time dedicating their lives to their potential careers, but also had to juggle a job. I hope they are able to pursue their dreams and aren't discouraged about the ten internships you need to get your goal. I hope someone hires us all. I will always remain positive and continue to believe. Nothing will crush my heart! Where I am now, is a minor setback that I will overcome. God is by my side! 

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