Tuesday, September 17, 2013

*Be Free and Fear No More*

The sweat won't cease to drip off the creases of my eyebrows. My body feels paralyzed in a state of anxiety. I can't take a breath. I can't scream. I can't think. The truth is, the choices I have before me are difficult. I have to decipher if something I want to pursue is worth it or if I will suffer the consequences. Fear causes many people to hold back from things. Fear has caused me to avoid making some of the most important decisions in my life. Fear is a COWARD! It's time to go above and beyond. If you feel trapped in an unwanted place, this message is for you. Fear has caused you to avoid some of the best things in life. Remember, we only have this one life to live. We can't change our destinies, but we can ameliorate them. Do everything that helps make you smile. Be happy and let go of this foolish thing that has caused so many frowns and unwanted tears. We are all human and we all have fear. It's time to let loose and experience the world in a way you have never experienced it before! Love it! Be it! Do it! Don't think too hard, it causes wrinkles! Just kidding! I thought I would bring a smile to you. Take a step towards happiness and let go of that dark side, which controls your life. Smack fear across the face. Be ready to be you!!!!

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