Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Don't Text and Drive - We are all Guilty"

Ever have the urge to grab your phone when someone's texting you. Every red light is a possibility to snatch a peek. The habit becomes habitual and the person continues to glance at the phone and write, while they're driving. Researchers have said that texting and driving is equivalent to operating a vehicle under the influence. I am guilty of signing the pledge and disobeying it. I know how truly dangerous it is. Cell phones should be locked away at all times. Many young lives have been lost due to this trend. It's not worth it. You put yourself and the drivers around you in a pit of danger that's irreversible. The next time you text and drive, think of your love one. Do you want them to be proud of you or would you like them to be mourning you at your funeral? Life is a value and death can be prevented. Don't text and drive!

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