Monday, April 15, 2013

"The Alcohol Limit- What Age Should You Be?"

I am a firm believer that all individuals should be introduced to alcohol at a young age. I know some people would argue that it would increase their risks for adapting terrible habits of alcoholism. I beg to differ on that opinion because the younger that alcohol is in your life, the less likely of adapting horrible traits. I'm not saying that children should drink vodka, scotch, bourbon, or etc. on a daily basis. I'm saying that a little beer or wine in their cups during celebrations won't kill them. Many individuals that taste alcohol at a young age grow to detest it. When it's a normal ritual in moderation at their homes, they're more likely to avoid excessive drinking when they're older. The more restrictions on the usage, the more likely the binge. I know that statistics beg to differ. If alcoholism is in your genes, you're likely to become an alcoholic no matter how young the age you start drinking. I don't believe that anyone should be sheltered from it. It results in many psychological issues in the latter year of life. Don't think that because you don't have it available in your home, that your children aren't getting it elsewhere. Alcohol is everywhere! Many people start drinking their freshman year of high school. I'm not saying that 14 should e the drinking age, but at least 18. The laws should be changed. My favorite quote is , "If you're old enough to serve for our country and risk your life, you're old enough to drink." Let's go America,, we have all this "change," so push forward!

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