Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"My Book- Why Waste My Time?"

Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to make a difference in the world. Some powerful things I've already left an impression on came from within my soul. My words are the most valuable assets in my life. I've inspired many and made others cry. Yes!!! I've made gentlemen tear up as well. That was not my purpose, but I only thought of imprinting their hearts. My words are unforgettable and I want the world to feel the sensation I have felt so many times before. My book speaks about some of my experiences in Europe and the obstacles that I've overcome. It also talks about what I've had to let go. Life is never easy and I want people to know how much they truly inspired me. This book is a foreign romance novel based on nonfiction (my life). I dedicate it to all of my family, friends, and the beautiful Ancona. If it wasn't for Ancona, this book would never have been a thought in my mind. It's taking me over a year to write because some of the issues are difficult to think back on. Not because they were depressing, but because they've changed me. They're unforgettable memories dancing within my soul. There are some things I will never forgive or forget, but I never regret. I have found strength in this novel to move on. I am the future and I'm proud of myself!!!! So, when you think you have to do something, don't just go forward and do it!!!! Conquer the world with yourself and live each day with love!

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