Friday, April 19, 2013

"Stereotyping in America- Destroying an Individuals Identity"

Shootings, bombings, stereotyping, and racial slurs. In America's past, there have been many movies made that insulted different cultures and religion. I'll never forget my introduction to mass media class in college. A video, which displayed many controversial movies that were made prior to 9/11 that insulted the Muslim culture. The Middle East was extremely infuriated. In many ways, they wanted revenge. Stereotyping hurt their feelings and rebellion seemed like a probable cause. Many Americans don't think prior to doing things. They unconsciously or consciously decide to insult cultures and religions. This is unacceptable in more ways than one. People should evaluate every fact before they pursue things in life. Controversial issues lead to uproar and retaliation, which should be taken into strong consideration. Think before you act, speak, etc. You could ruin a life.

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