Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Suicides in Italy- Sadness in my Heart"

It's not a secret that if the American economy sinks, the entire world follows. Ever since Italy changed their money from Lira to Euros, their citizens slowly crumbled. There is a significant change in the money difference and a devastating pay cut. People who were initially making $8.00 an hour are now making $4.00. Also, many places promise to pay their employees every two weeks, but instead pay them every two months. It's almost impossible to survive on one paycheck. There's almost no way to save money, unless all expenses are paid off. That's impossible with monthly electric and other bills. I was extremely saddened, but not surprised to see a 60 year old couple commit suicide. I was shocked that it took place so close to Ancona. My boyfriend and friends took the train to Civitanova last summer for Ferragosto. The holiday is as equivalent to America's Fourth of July. Five hundred euro's a month is extremely unheard of. It sickens me that the economy has sunk that low in such a beautiful city surrounded by water. Death isn't the easy way out. It breaks the hearts of entire families and friends. When you commit suicide, you risk being found by family members or close friends. It's selfish and never should result in that. When you're depressed, there's many ways that people can help you. Reach out to your loved ones. Don't let them suffer for the rest of their lives. It's not worth it. Life is a precious gift from god. My thoughts and prayers extend to the Dionisi and Sopranzi families that lost their loved ones in such a merciless act. My advice to people in crisis is not to let go!

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