Monday, December 9, 2013

*What's Your Favorite Thing About the Holiday Season?*

My favorite holiday has always been Christmas. I love the fresh smell of pine and sweet smell of love. Since I live in South Florida, I have experienced many diverse Christmas.' The one thing I miss about up north is the chance of a white Christmas. The crisp smell of snow and marshmallow's soaking in hot chocolate are indescribable. The most important thing I miss is having my entire family together during the holidays. You appreciate your family and friends the most when you're separated. There is nothing like watching Home Alone reruns with an older cousin. Most of all, the seven fishes, the way Nonna makes them is unreplaceable. So, for all of you who take these moments for granted, I envy you. Make sure this holiday season is a little different. Appreciate what you have and share your favorite things at dinner time. 


  1. Personally, Ive never really gotten to enjoy Christmas or if I did, I have no memory of it. But I like New Years!!!

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. You must make it a point to try and enjoy the next years. Take it on as an adventure! Thank you for following!