Monday, December 2, 2013

*What Type of Wedding Proposal Do You Dream Of?*

Every type of proposal should be filled with love and happiness. All girls expect a dreamy proposal, but they don't always end that way. So, if there any gentlemen reading this, take notes. When a man asks a woman to marry him, it should be special. I'm not saying it has to be romantic, but it's definitely a plus. Personally, I've never been proposed to, but I've heard of proposals gone bad. If you want to marry someone, make sure that you've discussed if with that person in the past. Some people don't enjoy or want proposals, so they may turn you down. If you propose in front of a million people, make sure the other person is ready because there is nothing like embarrassment. If you're a timid person, work on it, because that special other is everything. Personally, I would never marry a man who hands me a box and stays silent until I open it. I want my engagement memorable. Surprises are everything no matter what anyone says. Don't hand your significant other a box and wait for them to ask you what it is. Chances are, they won't marry you. If you've been with someone for over 5 years and won't ask them to marry you, then you have commitment issues. Take that step, it's now or never. Don't write a corny poem unless you want to be laughed at. Make sure you don't stutter. If you can't marry the person, don't ask them. There's nothing more hurtful or embarrassing than being left at the alter. Also, women, don't say yes unless you mean it!!!! Most people only want to be married once, so that engagement should be everything. I'm not attempting to pressure anyone, but I'm being realistic. Nothing is better than the truth. So, I hope you take my pointers and my discouragement seriously. Take that chance and do it the right way! I wish you all nothing, but true love, happiness, and health for the rest of your lives. 
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