Thursday, December 5, 2013

*Proof that Reality TV Shows Are Phony*


The Test: 
Ok everyone, I have to admit that I watch Maury, The Test, and The Steve Wilkos show. In fact, I record them all on my DVR and browse through the drama. I love it! I don't have drama in my own life, so I find the drama in these shows extremely entertaining. Unfortunately, I was browsing through today's episode of The Test: Season 1, Episode 63: "Is my 27-year-old boyfriend Cheating," and noticed the couple looked extremely familiar. Clara, 52 and Barry, 27 both believe they're cheating on one another. At first, I didn't think anything of the familiarity. I kept watching the show and the host introduced Princess, Barry's mother. Immediately, a spark went off in my mind. I thought, "Oh my god! This couple was on Maury for the same reason!" I googled their names and sure enough, they were on Season 22, episode 30 of Maury: "You're 52 ... Stop Sleeping With Our 27-Year-Old Son!" Both shows aired exactly one month apart. What a coincidence! Or is it? Either this couple has a fake story or both shows are scripted and phony. I pay attention to every detail in every show. I have caught celebrities wearing the same outfit on two different shows and genres on the same day. In fact, I pointed that out and it was a coincidence, but not this. These episodes were aired on purpose, but are the producers aware of the slip? Probably not! Today, everyone will see the dirty truth that exists in our society. 

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  1. They were also on Divorce Court: Before Your Vows. Three shows in one year smh....