Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Sex Trafficking- Every Parent's Nightmare"

Imagine walking outside, going on vacation, shopping at a store, etc. and never returning home. Many girls all over the world disappear every day, never to be found again. All of these girls have a parent or family member that never gives up hope. Unfortunately, many of them aren't discovered because they're sold into a sex slaving business. The girls are tortured, drugged, raped, and given to the highest bidder like a piece of rag. Many people vow that it'll never be their daughter or that things like this only happen over seas, but they're wrong. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It's a serious crime that is extremely difficult to trace and there are kidnappers all over the world, who sit and stalk locations, looking for the "perfect" victims. There are many movies and documentaries that reveal the brutal truth. Sometimes, it's extremely difficult to stop these culprits because they make themselves untraceable. Many groups have come together to help support survivors. One of them originates in one of the most sex trafficked countries on the planet, Cambodia. I have always been interested in reading up and following cases because of the tremendous emptiness it causes my heart. 3strands, is an organization that supports these girls and they were made familiar to me through a normal shopping routine. I purchased a bracelet for my sister and I that symbolizes the strength of these young survivors. It's three strands and clasps at the number 3 with love, freedom, and empowerment. Each bracelet has red seed from a tree in Cambodia that represents the way men see these used girls, as trash. When they come together on the bracelet, the red seed symbolizes their survival. Each bracelet is handmade by a young girl, who has been saved, which is truly remarkable. Everyone should google 3strands and buy a bracelet to show their support. Always keep in mind, the sad truth, you could be next.

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