Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"The Amanda Knox Case - An American Held Captive in Italy"

From the beginning, this case has been intensely controversial stirring up a commotion all over the world. I remember the day that it all started as if it were yesterday. I had recently returned from studying abroad in the same country that has captivated my soul in many ways, Italy. I was at home with my mom watching the news when an alert came in about an American student overseas killing her roommate. I was in complete shock. There were many strange things that I heard happened with study abroad students, but murder wasn't one of them. According to Italians, they came to their country, trashed the cities, were sex crazy, and sloppy drunks. Americans had an atrocious reputation in the country. When the case broke out, the only thing that crossed my mind was revenge. Could the Italian system be making an example out of this young girl because they were fed up with American behavior? Was Amanda Knox their vengeance? Or, did she really slay the innocent English victim, Meredith Kercher in cold blood? I have read up on the case and it sparked my attention because it hit so close to home. I have seen both sides of the story and am outraged at the way the case was handled. I am a firm believe that their are three sides to every story Amanda's, Meredith's, and the truth. In this case, there are five sides, which includes Rudy Guede's and Raffaele Sollecito's, Amanda's boyfriend. Unfortunately, Meredith will never be present to testify on her own behalf. Her life was stolen by a true, ruthless, assassin. There are many holes in the stories presented to the courts. The forensic evidence was tainted and Amanda appeared guilty in every sense of the word. She never displayed a sense of remorse for the death of her roommate. One thing that can never lie is Rudy Guede's DNA that was found at the crime scene. The question that remains unknown is if Amanda and Raffaele were involved in the crime. Amanda was either highly naive or genuinely guilty. She screwed up on many occasions, which included waiting to contact law enforcement and taking a shower in a bathroom covered in blood. After evaluating the evidence against Amanda and Raffaele, which included their fingerprints inside the home, their indifferent reactions, and remorseless composure, I certify their guilt. I do not believe they robbed Meredith of her life. I believe that they may know more than they are revealing to the public, but they are innocent of this intense and brutal crime. They're guilty of smiling and moving on with their lives, while what is left of Meredith withers away. All evidence suggests the Rudy Guede, a former drug dealer in Perugia, the town where the girls lived, is the sole murderer of Meredith Kercher. If he was tried in the United States, he would receive a harsher punishment. Sixteen years will never be enough for the torture that Meredith sustained before her life was terminated. I can never imagine the immense pain that Meredith's family is sustaining as they go forward with their lives. I understand their profound anger, but I do not understand their will for a continued trial that may convict Amanda and Raffaele of a harsher punishment than Rudy Guede. In my opinion, his sentence will never be enough. He senselessly murdered a girl who was initiating her life. If the brutality is relived and Amanda and Raffaele are tried again, will Meredith ever truly rest in peace?

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