Monday, January 6, 2014

**Growing With My Puppy-The benefits of vaccinations."

Well, most of you know that I've acquired a brand new puppy. I have never had a dog before so I didn't know what to expect. I know that most animals need their shots. I didn't know when the appropriate time would be. I did some rearward and found out that puppies get their first round of shots at 8 weeks. So, two days before our puppy, Athena turned 8 weeks we brought her to Pet Smart for her shots. They offer a package that allows puppy to space out all necessary vaccines. Round one, of course, initiates at 8 weeks. It is one shot and a dewormer. The side effects include vomiting and fatigue. Athena waited three hours for her shots and they only took a minute. There were so many interesting breeds of dogs visiting Pet Smart for their shots. Some were there for a yearly examination and others for their 1st, 2nd, and last set of puppy shots. We didn't mind waiting and Athena was extremely calm when the doctor pricked her skin. I was terrified that she would be puking, but she wasn't. Instead, later that night I noticed worms in her stool, which freaked me out. I immediately googled it and all puppies have worms! That's why she was given a dewormer. Now, there are more side effects I know that she will experience in the future package, which occurs at 12 weeks and then 16. It's extremely affordable and everyone is so friendly. I can't wait to have my poor Athena all clear! If you have a puppy, don't wait for them to get shots! They could die before they're a year old. Don't ignore your puppy, do your research! Keep them safe!

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