Wednesday, March 12, 2014

**Sometimes, Your Dreams Seem so Small**

Hello, world! Hello, past followers! I've been gone for awhile. I know. I sincerely apologize. Let me update you on what I've been doing. In January, I registered for my CDA (childcare development associate). My ultimate goal is to teach preschool. One of the requirements was to take a CPR course, which I passed. It was an awesome experience. I was able to take the class with my boyfriend, Joey. He was the only male in the class, so the teacher made him her guinea pig. What can I say, all of the ladies love him. In addition, I started volunteering to teach about God at Sunday school. Currently, I teach a preschool class, which is an awesome experience that will also flatter my future resume. You may think, why would you choose children? I love them! I always have and I have the utmost patience for them. It's rewarding to see them recall a phrase because I was the one that helped them remember. I have stopped writing my book and everything that I've dreamt of achieving. It will progress in the future. For now, I've taken a break from it all, but haven't forgotten. I will continue as soon as I finish my CDA. I miss you people!

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