Friday, January 3, 2014

*2014- A Shot of Hope*

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Many of you know that I've started to write a book about my summers and experiences in Italy. It's a fiction novel based on nonfiction. It's almost two years ago that I set forth on this journey. I have handwritten approximately 300 pages and plan on 300 more. My journey came to an abrupt end when I was pursuing a career as a certified teacher of English as a foreign language. I was hired and then discharged because of political and governmental issues in Europe. This caused me to give up hope in everything that I set forth to achieve. It has been extremely difficult, actually impossible to initiate a career in my primary field of study. I had the opportunity to interview for a career at a dream job, "The Sun Sentinel." The director of Human Resources hand picked my résumé. It was unbelievable and a once in a lifetime chance to start at a good position and to move up. Unfortunately, I had an intense passion for Italy and the Italian language, which was listed in my résumé and caused employers to forfeit me from the position. They feared I would leave and pursue a career overseas. I want to inform all potential employers and future colleagues that it will be highly unlikely, if not impossible, for me to a attain a career in Europe. My father forfeited his Italian citizenship before I was born to begin a better life in America. You see, he didn't know it then, but it was the biggest error he could have committed. Unfortunately, the government didn't give him an ultimatum. The U.S. government took away my future off springs and my right to an Italian citizenship because I was not a minor when my father decided to fight for his place of birth and first 23 years of his life. According to the Italian consulate of Miami, if I would like to gain citizenship in Italy I must live there for three years. You see, this appears easy, but unfortunately, I don't have the funds to live the life of luxury without a guaranteed workplace. So, I start at square one and pray everyday that these laws change. I want what is rightfully mine as the daughter, granddaughter, great grandaughter, great great grandaughter, etc. of Italian immigrants. I want my children to have the opportunity to decide where they can live in the future. As of right now, this is highly impossible, but I will never give up hope. Now, to get back on subject of the work force in America, I have stated and restated many times what the qualifications are for a consideration in any field. You must have at least one year or four years of experience in the selected position. I have mentioned that this is highly unlikely if you don't have the luxury of completing a million internships because you have a full time or part time side job. Many of my friends and colleagues have graduated from an amazing university and have been unable to initiate a career, which is extremely discouraging and detrimental to their health and mentality. It's extremely unfortunate to know that our own success means nothing in our other jobs. As individuals, we are downgraded, thought of as unintelligent, and frowned upon by customers, colleagues, supervisors, and other departments because of our positions. They honestly believe that we aren't intelligent. It's actually humorous that an individual approached me at my place of employment after reading my blog and told me he didn't know I was so smart. He was impressed by my work. I would like to let that individual to know  that all of us are more intellectual than he thinks and just because we are stuck or choose to be in the field we are currently in, doesn't mean we are air heads. All of us are people who have or haven't gone to school. Many of us have our associates, bachelors, masters degrees, etc., but can't start working in our field of choice because of unwanted inexperience. I'd like all of these individuals that downgrade us to take a moment and put themselves in our position. I'm absolutely disgusted with their judgements and naiveness. When in fact they choose to evaluate me because of my position, they are the ones that are disrespectful, insecure, and loose all of their intelligence. We know what kind of people we are and don't let a job define us. I shouldn't let these people get to me, but if they knew my struggle, they'd understand why it hurts. If you feel like this, today, I'm standing up for you and who you are! If you were someone that once judged me, today, you will understand who I am and who we all are. Remember, nothing in this world is easy, it takes hard work. We must work to the top. My self esteem was shot, so I took a break from thinking. I have chosen to take every day as it comes and continue to work at achieving my goals. If it doesn't work out, then I have to believe that God has another plan for me. I can no longer stress or dwell on any circumstance or situation. I will take it all as it comes. I don't care if it takes a lifetime for me to publish my novel or to find a steady career. All I know is that I'm motivated to never give up. Hope is all I have left. Never lose yourself in anything you know you aren't! Never ever give up!

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  1. It must seriously be hard for you. But enjoy life and don't get too bogged down by the details.