Saturday, July 11, 2015

*Wedding Planning Advice*

Getting married? Think it's too early to plan ahead? Think again. Whether your wedding is in 2016 or 2018, it's never too early to organize yourself. Start by buying a binder or downloading, "the knot" app. If you decide to buy a binder, seperate each section with tabs. They should be labeled venues, floral arrangements, cake possibilities, photography, videography, etc. Make sure you have a budget and if you don't, that's amazing. Without a budget, you should be stress free and can plan the wedding of your dreams without a struggle. If you're not that fortunate as most of America isn't, it's vital to have a realistic outlook on what you plan to spend. It's never too early to set up payment plans with venues. That way, you aren't stressing out the week before your wedding worrying if you have enough to pay each place. Venue search as early as possible. Make as many appointments with as many venues as you can to find the place of your dreams. If you're comfortable with the venue, set a date as soon as possible. Remember, most venues fill up quickly. Reserving a date, holds your place. My strongest suggestion is finding a venue that doesn't treat you like a business transaction. It doesn't matter how beautiful the place may be, if you're pressured into booking your date, chances are, the place isn't right for you. If you're getting married in South Florida, I highly recommend the Royal Fiesta Event Center in Deerfield Beach. It isn't the most beautiful venue in Florida, but they make you feel like a part of their family. They don't rush you into anything and are the most accomodating venue I have ever seen. If you plan on getting married in church, make sure to research the proper procedure necessary to do so. If the wedding is on the beach, you need permits to have the ceremony. There are many diverse companies that provide the necessary documents. The one that I used in South Florida, is Weddings By the Sea. If you're having a big wedding, I suggest you hire a wedding planner. Either way, Pinterest should become your best friend. When choosing invitations, please ensure that the ink used is high quality. If not, it will run. Once you have reserved your date, you can send "save the dates" if you choose. Stay focused and keep organized the best you can. Happy planning and good luck!

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