Thursday, July 9, 2015

*Check Twice for Your Child!!!*

As a parent, my biggest fear is leaving my child behind. I don't understand how people could leave their children in a car. How could they walk away and forget their children? A child depends on their parents for everything. When someone leaves their babies in a car in smoldering heat, that is not a mistake. Your child is a priority! How do you continue to live your life knowing that you did that to your baby? I would never be able to breathe again. Yet, careless parenting happens every day. People "forget" their children in  cars. It takes 15 minutes for a baby to suffocate in a car. I urge every parent to look twice before leaving their cars. Check your car completely before you walk away. Being trapped in a car without being able to talk or move for yourself must be the worst feeling in the world. Don't be that parent! Don't "forget" your child! Please don't make that tragic mistake. Their are millions of people who can't conceive. They would die for a child. If you can't handle parenthood, don't bring innocent lives into the world only to be taken away. Give them better lives. Spare them the pain! Children deserve the world. Their precious lives are irreplaceable. So, please check your backseats before leaving your car. I don't care what kind of parent you think you are! Don't make a child pay for your carelessness. You are the center of their world. You are their voice!

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